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Travel Guide | Spain

We have dozens of travel guides on Atlas Addict, for cities spread far and wide, and just as many blog posts on different restaurants and attractions. Starting today, we’ll be releasing a series of “master posts,” with photos and links to all of our stories related to one place–consider it your passport to the entire country. First up: the sun-soaked, super Spain. 

Fast Facts: 

population: 46 million

capital city: Madrid

currency: Euro

City Guides 

Barcelona City Guide | Atlas Addict

Barcelona City Guide // a super-informative guide written by two different contributors, each offering a different perspective–one as a tourist, one as a resident.

Madrid City Guide | Atlas Addict

Madrid City Guide // also written by two different contributors, this guide is full of beautiful photos and great museum suggestions.

Toledo City Guide | Atlas Addict

Toledo City Guide // beautiful views! ancient city streets! swords! Toledo is a great day trip from Madrid–check out our guide for more.

Segovia City Guide | Atlas Addict

Segovia City Guide // Another city close to Madrid, Segovia is full of Roman ruins, cathedrals, and castles.


Tenerife Travel Guide // A magical island off the coast of Spain, full of natural wonders and charming towns.

Mini Guides

Cáceres Mini Guide | Atlas Addict

Cáceres Mini Guide // An ancient city with beautiful churches and delicious ice cream.


“All my life is Spain. I will stay.” –Paz Vega

Local Haunts // Madrid 

Atlas Addict contributor Barbara Franco, who lives in Madrid, has shared some of her favorite places in the city.

Local Haunts | Vailima, Madrid

Vailima // A charming tea room with many flavors to choose from and sweet  treats.

Panela & Co. | Atlas Addict

Panela & CO // Brunch of dreams, in the heart of the city.

What are your recommendations for Spain? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment, send an email ( or a tweet (@atlas_addict)