Stories from the Road

January | Beating the Resolution Blues

The new year probably has sparked some travel resolutions within you: I will snorkle with the coral reefs in the Pacific. I will visit my friend in Argentina. I will become more adventurous in my own neighborhood. You probably started with great furor. You made a Pinterest board, bought a guide book, and cast a grand plan to your best friend over coffee about how great it will be.

This is gonna be my year, you think to yourself.

But then the slow fade begins. You get busy and that goal doesn’t seem so shiny. You’ve seen your bank account after the holidays, your car breaks down, and a myriad of other excuses litter on your goal. The beginning of February always seem like a death march for those sweet dreams we had around resolution time–so I think this is exactly where we all need a little pep talk.

#1. I am giving you permission to treat your self.

This can and will be your year for a big adventure or to try that new thing you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t let the little lies bog you down, or tell you it’s impossible, or that you don’t have the will power to (insert new thing you want to try/adventure). Shake that negativity right off. Everyone walks their own walk. This is your year to walk yours. You can do it, but you might need a plan to keep you on the right track, so–

#2. You need to make a plan of little goals to get you into that big picture.

Because booking a trip to Tahiti, after all, can seem like a daunting task. But by setting mini obtainable goals, like this month I will save x number of dollars or I will spend from 3-4 pm looking for flights. These deadlines are like little high fives to yourself that your one step closer to the place you want to be.

#3. Don’t walk this path alone.

Find friends to encourage you on the journey. If all your friends are spending money on brunch, maybe suggest cheaper activities for y’all to do (pancake party at your place) or have a travel buddy who will be in the same boat of savings. Having someone there to help support this dream of yours puts you one step closer to staying on the path.

#4. Treat yourself to a little trinket to remind you of your goal.

A small souvenir to remind you of why you are making the sacrifice. I decided I wanted to go to Africa before I went off to college-a crazy goal for a girl who got homesick just going to overnight camp in my hometown. So, I bought a elephant charm for my charm bracelet and started saving.  A few months later, I got a call that I had gotten accepted for a cultural education trip to go to Senegal. I’m not saying this item will become a lucky rabbit’s foot to make your travel wishes come true, but it will serve as a reminder. A reminder that the sacrifice is worth the satisfaction of accomplishing something you had put your mind to.

This is your year for great adventures.


Leave your big adventures in the comments below and we’ll check in with you to see how it’s going (We will always be your #3 i.e. you’re #1 supporters)!

Alysha Moroni is the Editor in Chief of Atlas Addict Quarterly.