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Behind the Gram | Zipporah Castorillo

Welcome to Atlas Addict’s newest feature, Behind the ‘Gram, where we chat with some of our favorite instagrammers on the power of social media and their aesthetic choices. Today’s instagrammer is Zipporah, whose sun-soaked, colorful captures of California instantly won us over. 


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When did you start using Instagram? What is your favorite part about the platform? 
I started using Instagram on 2012, but I started my Travel/Adventure Instagram account on October 2015. My favorite part about Instagram is I get to share my favorite photos and able to inspire others. I also love that there are millions of Instagram users out there that I can connect to and inspire me everyday. I also love that I get to learn from other people around the world, such as places I’ve never seen before, fashions, make up, food and more. I love it!
Your bio says iPhone only– what do you use [if anything] to edit your photos? What are the ups and downs of shooting with your phone? 
Iphone only all day. 🙂 And here’s the key: I try to take photos on a good lighting plus I only use VSCO to edit my photos. I’ve been into editing photos since I was in high school when Photoshop was the only photo editor I know…I think editing photos kinda just grew on me. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And the reason why I love taking photos with my phone is because it’s so handy. The only thing that sucks when shooting with my phone is that I take so many photos and edit so many photos that my storage is always full. I actually recently invested on Terabyte storage because I’m so tired of that pop up “storage is full” message. 
What do you look for in an Instagram photo? 


Consistency and the story of a photo. I say this, because one of the things I look at on an Instagram account is their feed. It amazes me that there are hundred of thousands of account out there that can tell a story just based on their Instagram photos.
Tell us the story behind one particular photo you’ve chosen to share with us….

I love love love Boracay! Hope you guys come to the Philippines and check this Island out and if you do, do NOT forget to go to Spider House. Spider House is a resort/restaurant built on rocks, the ambiance, the workers and the view of the ocean are the reasons why you should come and relax in this place…will write a while guide how to get here soon . 💙🌏#warrenjc #wanderlust #liveauthentic #liveoutdoors #worldtravelbook #passionpassport #globetrotter#lonelyplanet #lifeofadventure #phototag_it #luxwt #huffpostgram #teamtravelers #adventureculture #travelstoke #livefolk #driftwoodjourney #vscocam #vscophile #intrepidtravel #natgeotravelpic #bbctravel #teamtravelers #theglobewanderer #mytinyatlas #feature_wp #itsmorefuninthephilippines #boracay #spiderhouse

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This was taken during the last day of my husband and I’s honeymoon in Boracay, Philippines. My friend @girlunspotted told me about this place in Boracay called Spider House. It’s a restaurant slash small hotel boutique situated on a cliff.  You can enjoy a sip of cocktail/dinner/sushi and go for a swim there if you choose to not spend a night. So my Husband and I spent our last day in Spider House swimming and just sipping on a cocktail and coconut while we enjoy the calm turquoise ocean view. I remember how grateful I was to be able to travel. And just like that, the travel bug has bitten me and ever since that day I wanted to go on more adventures and travels.
Where was the last place you traveled to? what was special about it? 
I recently traveled to Cancun, Mexico for my sister’s wedding and that was one of the special things about it. Cancun is such a paradise, I loved every minute of our stay there.


You’re based in CA–where’s your favorite local adventure spot? 
The desert! Since I live in Southern California and I live closer to the desert, the desert became one of my favorite local adventure spot. Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, Anza Borrego….When my husband and I are itching to go for a quick adventure that’s where we always find ourselves at.
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