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Behind the ‘Gram | Nichole Ring

Welcome to Atlas Addict’s newest feature, Behind the ‘Gram, where we chat with some of our favorite instagrammers on the power of social media and their aesthetic choices. Our first ‘grammer is Nichole, a videographer and frequent traveler. 

In the process of updating my website, so excited to share some of my pics with y’all!!!

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Name/Instagram handle/Profession [if applicable] 
Nichole Ring/@neechole/videographer at the Science Media Collaborative 
When did you start using instagram? what is your favorite part about the platform? 
I started using it way back in high school, I used it mostly to connect with friends and family. Now, I like that you can use it to connect with people from all over. I really like meeting other photographers through the site and using it as a network to build each other up and give feedback.

Bonneville salt flats, Utah

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Do you prefer DLSR or iphone shots? What do you use [if anything] to edit your photos? 
I definitely prefer my DLSR, but the iphone is way more handy since I hate carrying around equipment when I travel. So most of my instagram pictures are taken on the iphone. When I edit photos I use the built-in editor on the iphone to fix up the lighting or colors on the pictures. If I feel like using filter, I’ll use VSCO.
What do you look for in an instagram photo? 
Balance, color, movement.


Tell us the story behind one particular photo you’ve chosen to share with us [see above]

In this photo, we were in Escalante, Utah and we were searching for one of the slot canyons in the area. We took a wrong turn at the start of our hike and we got hopelessly lost in the desert for hours. It kind of worked out in our favor though, because along with the one we tried to find, we stumbled upon maybe 4 or 5 other canyons that we didn’t plan on visiting. It was pretty cool, but after that day we were pretty much all set on slot canyons for the next few years. 
Where was the last place you traveled to? What was special about it? 
I went to Tarrytown and the Hudson River Valley last weekend, I surprised my boyfriend with a weekend trip for his birthday. It’s a really cool area because it’s a stretch of little towns along the Hudson River where old school millionaires like Rockefeller had mansions, so theres a ton of old historic castles and gardens you can explore. It’s super local and only 45 minutes from us, but it has tons of history in a natural setting.  

Heyo from ten sleep!! Crashing at a hunting bunk house bc it’s too cold (for me) to camp

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You seem to have done some extensive US travel–where’s an underrated place to visit?
I’m not sure if it’s thaaat underrated, but Grand Gulch in Utah was one of my favorite places that I’ve been to. Its a system of canyons in the south eastern part of the state that’s home to hundreds of ruins and pictographs from the Ancient Pueblo People. They built their dwellings into the walls of the canyons, and the site is really well preserved by the climate and the people who visit. You can still find pots, tools, pictographs, and even food scraps from the ancient people. 
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